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Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!

When you really would like to come for a bike tour in new destinations, simply you just like to be outside and have a great tour to see the local life, countryside. They will help you understand the local life by going deep to the villages on dirt, path, track roads. But unfortunately, there are many copied bike tours on the internet that's why you won't find a quality operator or can't trusted them for your holiday. A brief overview of the Vietnam Bike Tours® experience:

Airport welcome
Our guide will meet you at the airport with a warm welcome and escort you to your hotel for check-in. 

Bike fitting
At your convenience, we’ll schedule a bike fitting. We want to ensure that your bike is comfortable and suits your size. If you have your own equipment, our professional mechanics will reassemble our bike to your liking.

Welcome dinner
All tour groups convene at a local restaurant for a welcome dinner. This is a great opportunity to socialize with other members of your tour group, enjoy local food, and learn a bit more about our company. We’ll brief you on the upcoming tour and any important details you’ll need to know in advance of your trip.

Short transfer out of city
On the first day of your biking tour, our guide will retrieve you and your luggage from your hotel. There will be a short, comfortable transfer out of the city. Along the way, our trained guide will share with you some history, customs, and other interesting information about your trip.

Ride preparations
We aim to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. At the ride point, we will unload the bikes and gear. We will replenish your water bottles and secure them to your bike. We’ll also provide you with helmets (compulsory for obvious safety reasons). Our guide will then provide a thorough briefing of the bike ride, where you’ll stop for rest or refill, and other important information about your tour.

On the road
Our biking guide will always lead the way, with a support vehicle following close behind. You are free to stop along the way to take photos, chat with locals, or visit shops. If you feel tired, our support vehicle is stocked with water, snacks, fresh fruit, and aircon. Our guides are trained in first-aid and can handle any emergency situation. We promise you’ll be in great hands! 

Rest stop
Guides will organize opportunities for you to rest and regain the energy required to complete your tour. Rest stops can be at local cafes, coffee shops or, conveniently, 
right on the bus. 

Generally, we’ll stop for lunch at a local restaurant. We enjoy the opportunity to introduce our cyclists to unique and unforgettable meals. Sometimes we’ll picnic due to location, but we genuinely try our best to promote local food and eateries.

En-route activities
During the tour, you may stop anywhere to chat with locals, or visit any given place. Our guides have a wealth of knowledge about the region you’re traveling, so feel free to ask as many questions as you like. They’ll introduce you to famous landmarks and institutions and also to the hidden gems and unbeaten paths of the countryside. 

Accommodation is included in the tour. After a long day on the bike, we encourage you to relax and enjoy the hotel facilities. At night, you can explore the city on your own or with our guide. Just remember that you have an early morning ahead of you! Rest up.

Warm send-off
At the completion of your tour, we will continue to provide enthusiastic assistance in any way possible. We’ll follow up on your trip to ensure that you had a great experience with our passionate staff.

Cyclists videos by MrHunterjagter
Mekong delta, Vietnam 
Day 1: Saigon to Tra Vinh
Day 2: Tra Vinh to Can Tho
​Day 3: Can Tho to Long Xuyen
​Day 4: Long Xuyen - Chau Doc