​How many years have you been in business?
  • Vietnam Bike Tours has been in business since 2010.

Have you personally vetted all of the trips you offer?
  • Yes – all our trips are designed, delivered and vetted by our company. 

Can I organize my own trip?
  • Yes, and we will help! If you design your own itinerary, you will have more flexibility as you travel. If one morning you decide to stay put, it’s OK! You can rely on the support of your biking guide and of the travel plans we have helped you craft, but you also have the freedom to make some changes.

What’s your most ambitious/exciting/interesting trip?
  • Cycling from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. This 17-day trip covers some of the most amazing scenery and sites in Vietnam. Destinations include: HCMC, the Cuchi Tunnels, Nha Trang, Hue (the ancient capital city), Ha Long Bay and Hanoi. This tour has everything – mountains, beaches, national parks, UNESCO sites, trains, riverboats, and inner-city tours. Our favourite cross-border cycling tour is the 16-day trip from ‘HCMC to Siem Reap to Bangkok’. There is no better way to take in the extraordinary sights and sounds of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. You’ll get to see the famous Ankor Wat temples, too!

How do you contribute to conservation and the communities in the areas you visit?
  • Our Vietnam offices employ only local staff and guides;
  • We book at locally owned hotels and restaurants;
  • Many tours include travel to national parks, heritage sites, temples and places of local cultural interest;
  • By promoting responsible eco-tourism, we actively encourage cyclists to lead a greener lifestyle;
  • We take regular rest stops in villages for food and drink. This makes for a more interesting customer experience and also helps to fund local economies;

What are your guide requirements?
All of our guides must:
  • Speak English well, have a passion for traveling, and are keen biking enthusiasts. They are equally knowledgeable in bike maintenance, culture, history and geography; 
  • Have a pride and passion for delivering a quality customer service;
  • Have a flexible nature to suit customers’ changing requirements;
  • Have excellent health and safety training and knowledge of nearby medical facilities.
  • What's new and exciting to you in travel/ How do you see the travel industry changing?
  • Cycling is being recognized as a great way for business people to network. Today, many of our customers come from a management / executive background;
  • The adventure travel industry is transitioning from fixed operator packages to bespoke tours catering to the customer’s skill, ability, free-time and desires;
  • What is the vision for your company going forward?
  • Our vision is to be the number one cycling tour operator in Vietnam.

How are you different from other tour companies?
  • We are a tour operator with full travel services that specializes in bicycle travel. Our team will guarantee you the best value for your money and provide ample opportunity for adventure and eco-tourism. 

Can I organize arrangements before my arrival in Vietnam? 
  • Of course, we understand that the thrill of travel begins long before you step onto the plane. Your personal travel consultant will work with you to develop your travel itinerary as early as you’d like. Our highly trained travel consultants are completely focused on sharing their intricate knowledge of the region, and making your experience the best it can be. 

What should I bring on a cycling tour?
  • Essentials: Helmet, gloves, cycling shirts, cycling shorts, cycling shoes, camelback, small backpack, cap, waterproof jacket, T-shirts. Also recommended: Towel, flashlight, wash kit, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, sun cream, camera, first aid, malaria tablets.

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Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!
Vietnam Bike Tours
custom bike tours for private & group in Vietnam & beyond!