Vietnam Bike Tours is represented in Australia by John Anderson in Melbourne, Victoria.

Xin chào, my name is John Anderson from Melbourne, Australia, a 71 year old retired accountant & passionate cyclist, and the NEW Australia Sales Manager for Vietnam Bike Tours (VNBT) from Feb 2020. I felt honoured and happy to be invited to take over this position from Andrew Edwards, based in Adelaide, who decided to retire at the end of January. He did a great job showcasing Vietnam & Vietnam Bike Tours offerings to the Australian market & I have followed his posts. My initial cycling experience in Vietnam was in 2010 with my wife Lynne. Then I wanted to custom build a whole country bike tour in 2012, “Vietnam - Saigon to Sapa” led by two great cycling guides from Hanoi who are my friends & VNBT to this day. That tour was the start of my love affair with Vietnam, and desire to understand the War History after French colonialism. Then followed our “Amazing Myanmar Cycle Tour” of 2014, plus a 6-day Vietnam War History Stopover Tour following. My group’s next Asia challenge was the BIG ONE in 2015 when we invaded and conquered “China – Big, Bold, Brassy & Beguiling”. Many unexpected highlights, more noisy people than Vietnam and great cycling in the biggest cities & stunning countryside.

Then over 4 years ago I was introduced to my now good friend Ngo Trong Huy. He helped me set up and run my “dream” multi-country Asian bike tour “4 Countries in 4 Weeks - Saigon to Bangkok & Laos - Vientiane to Luang Prabang ''. I had planned my own longer route with my friend, a former Vietnam freelance tour guide. She sometimes enjoyed Sunday Bike Rides and introduced me to Huy as the man to get my job done. And the exquisite organization of Ms Khanh Ly, now close friend with Thanh & little Tom. I call her Wonder Woman in fun because she is so good at her job. And she delivered us an AMAZING 5 STAR BIKE TOUR! We had wonderful guides in each country, super cycling & fun every day while seeing many of the iconic & unique sights of South-East Asia. 

Sadly during the planning phase of this tour, my wife Lynne was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and the tour had to be postponed for 12 months. She was well enough for us to go ahead in March 2017 and I am eternally grateful for her support. Ly & Huy continued to support me through Lynne’s illness and her passing in March last year. Now as a single, recovering widower I have this new job with my friends at Vietnam Bike Tours that I never expected. I want to renew my passion & fitness for cycling & cycle touring, and get on with my new life in which Vietnam will play a big part. I will do my best to promote the offerings of Vietnam Bike Tours to the Australian market & to my network of cyclists in the Hash House Harriers around Australia.
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I have always had an interest in travel and discovering new places, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, so when the opportunity for me to work in the tourism industry came up I grabbed it with both hands! My previous work experience as a customer service representative at a commercial bank have given me the skills I need to deal with clients and ensure that the products and services we offer give them satisfaction as well as allowing me to help develop the improvement of the business.
Keeping this in mind, it is always my aim to try and give our customers an exciting, unforgettable experience when they travel with us, leaving them with happy memories of their tour and a desire to learn more and return again and again.

The experience offered to our customers when they tour with us cannot be matched by touring in a car or bus. By seeing the countryside on two wheels they are able to immerse themselves in the culture, feel the wind in their face and see what village life is like as they ride through it. Our tours offer something for everyone and easily meet the diverse needs of each of our customers.
I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work for Vietnam Bike Tours as it allows me to combine my passion for cycling with my work and motivates me to be constantly striving for improvement as a manager. The management team of the company are inspirational and hands on and their commitment and sense of responsibility to their staff is obvious. We are encouraged to build and improve new products and are always striving to improve the experience for our customers.

On a personal level my hobbies include listening to music and travelling at any opportunity I have. I love to discover new regions and immerse myself in new cultures. Some of my skills include an ability to communicate well with staff and customers alike and I am enthusiastic and devoted to my work.
If I had to recommend one place for someone to visit in Vietnam it would be difficult to do. There are so many places to see and explore. Ho Chi Minh City is a fantastic place for new visitors to Vietnam to experience. The weather is nice all year round and it is a great place to start for people who want to have a taste of what Vietnam has to offer before moving on to explore South East Asia. HCMC is a vibrant city that has many landmarks to visit such as the Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Ben Thanh Markets for those who enjoy shopping. It can easily been seen in one day and will never cease to amaze no how many times you visit.
The mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam are also worth visiting with its natural beauty and unspoiled landscapes. Along with the colourful wildflowers and wildlife there are also many local ethnic groups to discover and cultures to appreciate.

Bui Thi Kim Anh - Vice chairwoman
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Ngo Trong Huy - Chairman

KHÁNH LY - Manager, Vietnam Bike Tours HCMC
Vietnam Bike Tours is represented in the United States by Robert Moore of Great Bike Trips in Dallas, Texas.

Robert has traveled the world extensively, both on and off the bike. He regards Vietnam with its friendly people, great food and beautiful scenery as his Number One travel destination. After a successful career in marketing, advertising and publishing Robert launched the website which focuses on international bike travel.
“If you want to see Vietnam up close and truly enjoy all it has to offer, see it by bike. Transiting the country on a bike allows you to get close to the people, daily life and the culture. This is the real Vietnam"
ROBERT MOORE - Partner, Vietnam Bike Tours USA
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This is a weekly event in HCM city, Vietnam for all age riders. Free to join. 
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Ngo Trong Huy & Ted Osius
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In 2010 company founder Ngo Trong Huy started Vietnam Bike Tours in Ho Chi Minh City with just three secondhand bikes and a determination to build a first class cycling tour company in Southeast Asia. Now more than one thousand cyclists each year ride with Vietnam Bike Tours on cycling holidays in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Singapore.

With a passion for cycling across Southeast Asia, in Sep, 2017, Ngo Trong Huy, moved his family to Yangon, Myanmar. Huy’s move to Myanmar is the next step in building Vietnam Bike Tours and offering cyclists yet one more amazing Asia destination. Ride with us in exotic Myanmar (Burma). 

Vietnam Bike Tours is represented in Spanish by Lidia Gallardo in Bangkok, Thailand.
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Based in Vietnam. Cycle South East Asia.

The small group bicycle tour operator based in Vietnam. Founded in 2010 by a Vietnamese, the company has pioneered personalized cycling tours in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. With a focus on specialized bike expeditions, every trip component is tailored to the unique needs of the client. The company encourages sustainable and responsible tourism; every tour is eco-friendly, healthy, and supports the local communities we visit. At Vietnam Bike Tours, we are passionate about travel, and have built our reputation as a full services company with specialist departments for every region. Our adventure managers are all passionate about breaking new ground, providing innovative products and itineraries, and developing sustainable and community based ideas. Please visit our gear page for more information about our quality bikes and support vehicles.

Vision of the company: The No.1 small group bicycle tour in South East Asia
​Since 2010 - the first bike tours organized in Vietnam, then expand to Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and today 1000 cyclists ride with us a year.