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My passion for travel and fascination with new cultures led me to embrace the opportunity to work in the tourism industry wholeheartedly. Drawing from my background as a customer service representative at a commercial bank, I bring a wealth of skills to ensure our clients receive utmost satisfaction and contribute to the growth of our business.

My goal is simple yet profound: to provide our customers with unforgettable experiences, leaving them with cherished memories and a desire to return. Cycling through the countryside offers a unique immersion in local culture, allowing travelers to feel the breeze on their faces and witness village life firsthand. Our tours cater to diverse preferences, ensuring every customer finds fulfillment.

Working with Vietnam Bike Tours allows me to merge my love for cycling with my professional life, motivating me to continually improve as a manager. Our management team's dedication to both staff and customers is truly inspiring, fostering an environment of innovation and excellence.

Beyond work, I indulge in my passions for music and travel whenever possible. Exploring new regions and cultures fuels my curiosity and enriches my experiences. As for recommendations in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City stands out as a vibrant starting point, offering a blend of historical landmarks, vibrant markets, and cultural richness. Additionally, the mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam captivate with their natural beauty and cultural diversity, promising unforgettable adventures amidst unspoiled landscapes and local ethnic groups.

Bui Thi Kim Anh - Vice chairwoman
Vietnam Bike Tours
Vietnam Bike Tours
Vietnam Bike Tours
Ngo Trong Huy - Chairman

KHÁNH LY - Manager, Vietnam Bike Tours HCMC

Representing Vietnam Bike Tours in the United States is Robert Moore, based in Dallas, Texas.

Robert's extensive global travels, both on and off the bike, have cemented Vietnam as his top destination. He treasures Vietnam for its warm people, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking landscapes. Transitioning from a successful career spanning marketing, advertising, and publishing to international bike travel.

According to Robert, experiencing Vietnam by bike offers an unparalleled closeness to its people, daily life, and culture. He advocates for biking through the country as the ultimate way to truly appreciate its essence.
ROBERT MOORE - Partner, Vietnam Bike Tours USA
by Vietnam Bike Tours
This is a weekly event in HCM city, Vietnam for all age riders. Free to join. 
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Ngo Trong Huy & Ted Osius
  • NGO TRONG HUY, The founder

In 2010, Ngo Trong Huy embarked on a journey to establish Vietnam Bike Tours in Ho Chi Minh City, armed with just three secondhand bikes and a resolute vision to create a premier cycling tour company in Southeast Asia. Fast forward to today, and over a thousand cyclists annually embark on memorable cycling adventures with Vietnam Bike Tours across Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Driven by a fervent love for cycling throughout Southeast Asia, Ngo Trong Huy took the bold step of relocating his family to Yangon, Myanmar, in September 2017. This move marks a significant milestone in the expansion of Vietnam Bike Tours, introducing yet another extraordinary destination for cyclists to explore. Join us as we pedal through the enchanting landscapes of exotic Myanmar (Burma).

​*Huy & former USA Ambassador Ted Osius
Vietnam Bike Tours®, 
affiliated with ATTA, is your premier choice for cycling adventures in South East Asia. Founded in 2010 by a Vietnamese enthusiast, we lead the way in crafting personalized cycling journeys across Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos. Our focus on tailored bike expeditions ensures each trip aligns perfectly with our clients' preferences.

Committed to sustainable and responsible tourism, we prioritize eco-friendly practices that benefit the local communities we encounter. At Vietnam Bike Tours, we're not just about pedaling; we're passionate about travel. Our reputation as a full-service company rests on our dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Our adventure managers are trailblazers, continuously exploring new routes, creating innovative itineraries, and fostering community-based initiatives. Whether you're cycling through historic landscapes or vibrant cities, we provide top-notch support with quality bikes and reliable support vehicles.

Our vision is clear: to be the premier small group bicycle tour operator in South East Asia. Since our inception, we've expanded our reach to Malaysia, Singapore, and beyond, with over 1000 cyclists joining us annually. Join Vietnam Bike Tours® and experience the thrill of exploration, all while making a positive impact on the communities you visit.