#1, Ho Chi Minh city, south VN 
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  • Call: (+84-28) 66530372; (+84) 1255075999 
  • Add : 126 Dinh Bo Linh St., Binh Thanh Dist.

#2, Hue city, central VN 
  • Call: (+84) (0) 905411994
  • Add: An Cuu city, No.6 Street.,

  • Call: (+65) 98197561
  • Blk 448, Bright Hill Drive, #08-127, Singapore 570448
Vietnam Bike Tours®
Climate change. Ride a bike.

Biking is the healthiest, most hands-on way to explore the world around you. Since 2010, Vietnam Bike Tours® has remained the leading resource for bike tours in South East Asia. We consistently provide travelers with unique opportunities to experience the extraordinary sights, sounds and smells of S.E.A by bike. 

Our mountain bikes are top-quality and lightweight. Bike sizes vary to accommodate all riders, including children. At Vietnam Bike Tours®, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide outstanding customer service and safety. 

Our biking guides are a very special bunch. Not only are they great tour guides, they’re also great biking enthusiasts. Our guides are equally knowledgeable about bike maintenance and the culture, history and geography of the region you’re exploring. 

We guarantee that you’ll have a comfortable trip, too. All of our tours are fully supported by air-conditioned back-up vans, offering relief from the heat and tired leg muscles.Whether you’re a serious mountain biker, or just looking for an easy-going tour or charity event, you’ve come to the right place! 

Vietnam Bike Tours - Hoi An
Vietnam Bike Tours in Hue city
Vietnam Bike Tours - Mekong delta
Vietnam Bike Tours - Mekong delta

Texas, USA
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